Farm business tenancy rent tender

A young, enthusiastic, farmer was concerned about his future as it had been indicated that his father’s tenancy would not be passed to him.  He and his wife therefore decided to look for a new tenancy opportunity.

Contract farming agreement

The farmer decided that he would like to go into partial retirement and to put the land under a Contract Farming Agreement (CFA). 

Development on an in-hand farming system

The farm was the in-hand farming operation on a family estate of about 2,500 acres with paid management and staffing.  It consisted of about 1,000 acres and had ceased milk production and expanded into beef and sheep with some arable. 

Evaluating potential of farm on farmers retirement

An Estate of around 2,000 acres had an ageing tenant, on a full Agricultural Holdings Act tenancy, working around 600 acres.  The tenant was close to retirement and could provide no successor and the Estate’s land agents were negotiating the exit of the tenant but were unsure of what to do with the land, buildings and farmhouse once he had retired.

Single payment and ELS for land without payments

An Estate in the south west operated a successful contract farming arrangement which had been in place for a number of years.  Outside of this the Estate had other land including heathland and extensive woodland.

Change to equestrian Use

A farming client was looking to change the use of some buildings to equestrian and operate a DIY livery operation but was unsure how to assess the market for this.

Expansion of leisure fishery facilities

The owners of an existing leisure fishery wanted to provide additional facilities to service the needs of their current customers, attract new ones and improve dwell time by erecting a building that would provide changing facilities, a shop and a café.  

Negotiation of new contract farming agreement

A new Contract Farming Agreement needed to be negotiated with a farming company.  The farmers wished to actively participate in the profits on the land and to operate a farming business whilst at the same time limiting their exposure to risk.

Looking at uses for redundant farm buildings

Disused 30 year old farm buildings, not suitable for modern agricultural practices, in need of being put to other uses otherwise they would fall into disrepair and become a potential liability.

Business review

A farming family asked us to carry out a farming review and, following that, a review on the diversification enterprise that had been carried out five years previously.  We were asked to look at the existing farming enterprises, the assets held by the farming family and the progress achieved by the diversification enterprise.