Solar PV for a listed Country House

The client was faced with significant electricity bills on the main residence of a small country estate with no obvious solution to investing in solar PV, given the orientation of the roofs and the sensitivity of a listed property.

Solar PV on a Commercial Property Portfolio

A commercial asset management company was tasked by one of their investors to review the installation of solar PV on a mixed range of commercial properties (cinemas, distribution centres, builders merchants, etc.) with a view to leveraging returns from existing commercial tenants by providing solar PV on the roof for on-site usage.

Multi Installation Solar PV

A Cornish Estate had a thriving business park and it had already installed 50kW of solar PV which was plugged into the main commercial tenant. They were keen to expand with a further 50kW but there appeared to be two problems. Firstly, there were no obvious users of large amounts of electricity and, secondly, the requisite grid connection upgrade was potentially prohibitive.

Solar PV installer

A busy solar PV installer was struggling to keep up with the technical administration, firstly, with the installation of import/export meters for clients so that they could be paid their exported electricity and, secondly, with the Ofgem accreditations for solar PV arrays in excess of 50kW whilst at the same time achieving a cost effective and efficient in-house service.


A client in North Devon wished to erect a 500kW turbine to secure the farming future for himself and his family.  Potential £1.2 million spend.


The farm, owned by a non-farming businessman in Hampshire, was spending approximately £18,000 per annum on oil in heating the farmhouse, swimming pool and three further properties.  

PV solar

A farming estate in the Cotswolds with a substantial commercial grain processing operation was looking at solar photovoltaic as an opportunity to reduce their ongoing electricity costs.