Multi Installation solar PV


The Scenario

A Cornish Estate had a thriving business park and it had already installed 50kW of solar PV which was plugged into the main commercial tenant.  They were keen to expand with a further 50kW but there appeared to be two problems.  Firstly, there were no obvious users of large amounts of electricity and, secondly, the requisite grid connection upgrade was potentially prohibitive.

The Solution

JMH Farming & Renewables were retained for a second time to review the on-site electricity usages of all the tenants, together with their separate metering arrangements.  The solution provided was 11 x 4kW installations, together with 1 x 8 kW, a total of 52kW, undertaken as one ground mount array but separated among the twelve separate commercial tenants on the business park.

The Result

Although there was approximately a 15% increase in costs, returns to the Estate were boosted from 13.0% to 16.9% on capital.

Our Involvement

We were involved in assessing the overall project, project managing the solar installation with the preferred solar contractor and undertaking all the administration in terms of Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) paperwork with the preferred FIT and electricity provider.