Solar PV on a commercial property portfolio


The Scenario

A commercial asset management company was tasked by one of their investors to review the installation of solar PV on a mixed range of commercial properties (cinemas, distribution centres, builders merchants, etc.) with a view to leveraging returns from existing commercial tenants by providing solar PV on the roof for on-site usage.

The Solution

JMH Farming & Renewables (JMHFR) undertook a detailed study of all the sites to assess the potential solar PV capacities. A detailed analysis of the on-site electricity usages was carried out to establish the amount of on-site displacement by solar PV installs and the likely investment costs and returns to the asset managers were given.

In addition, JMHFR was able to identify the potential variable discounts that could be offered to tenants, on the basis of their existing electricity contracts, for the solar PV generated for a series of specified target returns.

The Result

Asset managers were given confidence to negotiate with commercial tenants for the installation of solar PV and there is now a roll-out of investment throughout the portfolio and beyond.

Our Involvement

JMHFR were involved in the initial feasibility assessment, tendering from solar PV installers and project management through to final commissioning and administration in terms of generation and electricity on-site and for export.